FOREST | Forestry Operators Reflecting on Equalizing Skills and training
Erasmus +K2 Strategic Partnership | 2019-1-IT01-KA202-007823

Italy (coordinator), Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Romania

FOREST replies to the fragmentation of competences in forestry management at national and international levels, by giving rise to debate around the possibility to create a standard level of competences and skills of forestry workers and promoting innovation and professionalismby joint actions and initiatives.

Main Objective

exchange of good practice on the countries strategies in the forest sector

Priorities and topics
  • transparency and recognition of skills and qualifications
  • internalization strategies for VET providers harmonize training systems
  • the possibility to create standard level of competences and skills for forestry workers
  • define a common strategy to harmonize training systems


Local activities to involve local key actors in the European debate:

  • collecting information about existent certifications accepted and analysis of the state of the art in their regions/countries;
  • defining with local stakeholders an integration procedure of the common technical and legislative harmonisation strategy at local level

6 Transnational meetings aimed to define a common strategy to harmonize training systems and recognition of competences, under 4 focus themes:

  • safety in the workplace at EU level
  • legislative process: Comparison on the existence of skill certificates
  • sustainability and Innovation
  • focus on women inclusion on forestry sector